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Faith and Invisible Disabilities

One of my goals is to bring more awareness for people with invisible disabilities, plus, our faith in God along with it. I desire for people to know what it is really like for us to live with invisible disabilities. When you have an invisible disability people can't tell that you have a disability and think that we function just like everyone else. I recently put out a video of how invisible disabilities effects our lives with two guests, my friends, Erica and Allie.

Allie was born with Turner syndrome at birth.

Erica was born with CHD which is congenital heart defects and learning challenges.

In this video we hope to encourage you to use your faith to help you through with your challenges. We also want to focus on;

Awareness, Patience and Kindness for those with disabilities. Because even though it may take us a while to process some things, we are still human.

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