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Jesus In The Glass Mirror

Jesus' radiant love shines bright. As we stride through life's deep events, we tend to wonder if people see Jesus in us. We stride day by day and night by night trying to walk and talk like Jesus. Gazing in the glass mirror asking ourselves "Am I an example of God's son Jesus?" Am I slow to anger, and love everyone?. Is God shining his face down upon us and smiling? Our life is a test, so we can have a testimony. We dig deep into God's word that save our lives, to expand our knowledge in Christ. God's sweet unconditional love that glows brightly like a candle lit through His children. God's sweet love creates in us a stronger spirit. He creates in us a clean heart and purifies our soul, and renews in us a right spirit Psalm 51:10.

We ask ourselves are we doing the duties that Jesus would want me doing? Am I seeking His face constantly? Am I not conforming to the things of this world and am I trying to be different? When people see me can they look through my eyes that is like a mirror to our soul. Can they see Jesus?

How we seek to hear those words from the Lord's mouth. "Well done my good and faithful servant" Matt 25:23 Jesus will wipe away every tear from our eyes Revelation 5:9 and everything will be okay.

So when I look in the glass mirror... do I see Jesus?

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