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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Aren't there so many things in life we are uncomfortable about? Or we don't really want to do something because we want to stay comfortable and stay in the places and with things we are familiar with? There have been so many things in my life that have gotten me out of my comfort zone but have been for the good because getting out of our comfort zone makes us stronger. I used to work in a book store and there were so many things that I did that I wasn't really comfortable with but sometimes we have no choice but to do it because if we don't just go and get ourselves to try new things we will never get out of our comfort zone here. This is a quote I would like to share

What I have learned is God leads us to places and different parts of our lives all the time and he brings things into our lives to get us out of where we are most comfortable. Like this quote says "Life begins at the END of our comfort zone". So when we start to do things, even by yourself or in social activities, or doing stuff you never thought you would do, you will grow as a person. Doing something that scares us is good because it helps us to get out of that part in our life where you may be stuck. This especially goes with people who have anxiety (or severe anxiety) that deal with it on a daily basis. I deal with anxiety, but God helps me and brings things my way to get me stronger. Are there some things in your life that you want to do but maybe fear has taken over and your just like "I can't do this, no matter how much I want to"? Sometimes we tend to think that way because we let fear/anxiety take over. When you think like that turn your eyes back toward God who believes in us and remember "With God all things are possible"! Matt 19:26. So instead of staying where you are most comfortable take a leap of faith, give to God what you fear the most and go out and do it even if you are scared. I promise you it will be worth it.

In closing here is one more quote I would like to share with you "Just like Ruth, sometimes God will require you to step out on FAITH and leave what and who is FAMILIAR to go to a place that is FOREIGN to you to glean in a new FIELD, where you will be FOUND and given FAVOR"

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