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What Is Your Safe Haven?

Do you have a safe haven you normally run to in life? When you're possibly in need of help or just need someone that is always there? My safe haven is Jesus. If I need someone to talk to, if I need a shoulder to cry on, if I need help in certain areas in my life. I run to Jesus. He is like my safe haven. We all go through out some times in our life where we get really like worried and anxious about certain situations and we wonder if there is anyone that we can run too. JESUS is the person to run to. When you're happy or sad, or frustrated, or nervous etc. "But you are to cling to the LORD your God; as you have done to this day" Joshua 23:8.

This verse says a lot. "You are to CLING to God" the definition for cling is "Grasp" or "hold on to" we are to hold on to God for dear life like we are to... oxegen. Because you can't live without oxygen. If it's not in our lungs we can't live. In the same way, if we don't have God in our lives, living in us we won't fully live the life we are really meant to live. When things are good in our lives we should want to still cling to God and thank him and praise him for all the wonderful things he has given us. If things aren't going the way you would have wanted life to go at this point, we are still to run to God and trust him with our lives. If we are anxious we should cling to him and tell him why we are anxious and just give everything to him. GOD should be our safe haven. Nothing else in this world can do that for you. It can seem to help but when you give God everything and run to him he knows us and he knows how to fix our lives if we give it to him.

So for me my safe haven is Jesus who I run to even in times of trouble or when I am happy. For he alone satisfies my soul. Who is your safe haven?

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