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Meet my friend, Cindy

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. She is an author/writer/speaker, Cindy Bultema. I first met Cindy as my writing coach. I found her and her story inspiring. Not only was she a great help to me, but her story is an inspiration to many.

Cindy is an over comer who was lost and was a drug addict. But then Jesus saved her life. Since then she has been living her life for God. Cindy has written two books/ devotionals and speaks at many churches. I am featuring this post because it is very encouraging. In this post ,which is called "When your tank is empty" , she talks about how sometimes we get tired and weary. Cindy gives tips for what you should do when you feel tired. She talks about how when we feel tired we should spend time with Jesus because when we do that he strengthens us. Sometimes I can get tired with encouraging people and I need to be encouraged by reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord. Whether you're living with a disability, an addiction, or just every day life you can find encouragement in God and in His word. I hope Cindy's post give you some encouragement and good tips. Enjoy!

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