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Dealing With Envy

Sometimes in life I deal with envy. This jealousy is not like on how people look or that kind of jealousy. But what I am talking about of what my siblings can do physically. As I am going to name some of the things, I am not complaining but I am just noting what I have been noticing more. So my siblings can drive and very easily get their license, I can't. My siblings can go to a normal school and do it easily, I can't. My siblings have the experience in high school and graduation, I didn't. My siblings can work and work full time, I can't.

I would not have really noticed before but that was when I didn't care as much. Now, as I am getting older, I am starting to wish that I could do those things. But unfortunately I can't do a lot of these things. Sometimes my disability does limit me from some things. However, even with that, God enables me to do more stuff even with the struggles that I have. So that is what I am really thankful for. Here is a quote I would like to share...

"Do not let what you can't do interfere with what you can do" John Wooden

When I know there are some things in this life that I cannot do I might think about it a lot and might get frustrated at times because I wish I could do it. But even though there are some things I can't do I know if I find a way to get better and better at it and if God is right there by my side helping me I know can improve. We just need to remember to focus on the things we can do and spread our wings with that. We shouldn't let what we can't do get in the way, we shouldn't always think about it. That is what our enemy wants, he wants us to put in our minds "I can't do that" or "I wish I could do that" and the more we think those thoughts, the more it depresses us. There are better things in life to think about than your limitations. Maybe in order to stop thinking about your envy and what you can't do, find a hobby that you really like doing and are good at. There's something that we are all good at. Maybe it's swimming, or dancing, or singing, or writing, or doing plays, tennis etc. There are a whole bunch of things out there! We just need to find it and stick with it because it will make us happier. But I know that isn't the only thing that can make us truly happy. Only God can do that. Because He gives us joy beyond what we can understand and I don't know about you but it helps me in the hard times. Knowing that God is there cheering me on and that He believes in me and sees me as a strong woman is encouraging. Do you know "with God all things are possible?" Matt 19:26.

This is what I think, and how I have been looking at my struggles. Even with some of the things I can't do, God can help me to master them and get better at it to do some of the things I never thought I could do. I believe that God can help us, especially in that way. I have full trust in God that He can do anything. That is what that verse says.

Just know that you are not alone in your struggle. You can become a better version of yourself more than you can imagine. Stay strong, my friend. Though we are running a race, and it can be tiresome, there is always a prize at the end. That prize is God.

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