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Common Struggles And Tips To Deal With

Sometimes for people with 22q Deletion Syndrome it is hard for us to be self aware. I also struggle with Executive Function. Which cause a couple of it's own struggles too. Some of the struggles with Executive function are

1.Working memory- People with Executive function have a hard time remembering things and remembering directions when told. Even if we have done it a lot of times we still tend to forget.

2.Planning things- Some may not be good at planning and may not know which part of a project is most important

3. Task initiation- We may stop at what we are doing because if we start some sort of project we may not know where to begin

4. Organization- We have a hard time keeping things organizing and get distracted easily

So as you can see some of the struggles I deal with are hard to keep up with. The older I get, I try and find ways to deal and cope with it. It can get very frustrating at times, especially when we might get a job or have a job. Here are some examples...

When I worked at a book store I struggled to do some tasks when someone just asked me to do the task. If they even showed me what to do when it was my turn I would completely blank out and forget what to do. It was frustrating. When someone tells me a lot of things at once I can't process it all at once.

At night when I am trying to relax myself I sometimes can't sit still and always feel like I have to do something. For those who have 22q do you guys deal with this? I have found a couple things that help me. Here are some

1.Go in your room listen to calming music and do stretches

2. Go for a walk and then try and have yourself just sit down and relax

3. Take calming breaths

4. Read a book that you like

5. Pet a dog

6. Keep your hands busy. Maybe get a fidget or find some sort of hobby you can do while sitting in your room to calm you down

7. Maybe get some coloring books and listen to calming music. ( I love the christian coloring books, you can usually get them at any christian book store)

8.Ask God to help you calm down and just "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

9.Write in a journal- sometime when I can't get myself to just relax it's because I might have a lot of thoughts flooding my mind and it helps if you just write out your thoughts in a journal or diary and then focus on something else the rest of the night

10.Do a workout to help relax muscles and take away stress

"And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, for which indeed you were called in one body, and be thankful" Colossians 3:15

In closing this verse talks about to let God's peace rule in our hearts instead of worrying about some of the things we can't do. For God has freely given us His peace and love. Receive it.

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