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When God Gives You A Little Nudge

Over the summer I went to one of the best writers conferences, called "Speak up". It's a gathering of people who want to start a blog, write a blog, or write a book and that has the desire to either write or speak. I want to share with you an experience that I had while I was there. I actually had quite a few amazing experiences while I was there but this one was special. I did want to kind of keep this one to myself but when I talked to some other people about it they said, "you should write a blog post about that, it's an awesome story". So here I am going to share it.

The "Speak UP" conference went for 3 days on a weekend. While I went, I had a hard time eating before I because sometimes when my anxiety really picks up I have a hard time eating. This happened I believe the second day. I had just finished with a class and I felt weak and overwhelmed because I hadn't really ate and I met lots of people in a big setting. For people with anxiety that can get overwhelming. So I was sitting down on one of the chairs in the lobby calling my mom trying to get ahold of her because I wanted her to pick me up because I just needed a little bit of a break. I felt like I was going to cry just because I was overwhelmed and couldn't eat. For some reason we kept missing each other when I called her so I was trying to call her again. Then a lady came and sat by me on one of the chairs and after I hung up not being able to get ahold of my Mom. A few minutes later we started talking. She told me a little bit about what she does and I also shared with her what I did. I found out her name was Jennie Dimkoff, who is a published Christian writer, president of Storyline Ministries, and is Carol Kent's sister (one of the founders of Speak UP). I was amazed. While we talked she asked me if I wanted to have lunch and I said sure. Even though I was still feeling weak and overwhelmed, I wouldn't turn down to have lunch with a Christian writer! I felt that was a nudge from God to keep going and that He wanted me to matter how I felt. I knew if my mom had picked me up I would have gotten lunch, tried to eat and would let out a cry because of the overwhelming feeling and exhaustion. But I wanted to do this Speak UP conference so I kept going and pushed myself. A lot of times for people with anxiety it is hard to do this, but we just have to push ourselves; like I did when I met Jennie Dimkoff and had lunch with her. I was amazed at how that happened and was so excited to tell my mom and everyone else after. I know God planned for that to happen, and I'm grateful. It's like God was saying to me "I know your tired, but you are already here and I want you to stay. Some great things will happen here. Keep on going daughter".

God does amazing things even when you are feeling weak and overwhelmed and feel like you need a break or can't push through it anymore. God will help you when you feel like you need a break. He will give you something that he knows will help you push through and keep fighting. I am still amazed when I think about this story and how it all came together. So remember when you are feeling tired and weak like me or in a different way just keep pushing yourself and imagine God saying to you what I said above. If you keep going and pushing yourself, great things will happen..... Like how I met Jennie Dimkoff, thank you Jennie!

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