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Engaging Someone with a Disability

I'm going to let you in on a big secret on how to talk to someone with a disability. You ready? Maybe you should sit down for this...

You talk.

To them.

Just like.

Everyone else.

It bugs me when people talk to people with disabilities in a childish way or like they don't understand them. We all have feelings and want to be included and treated like everybody else.... Because EVERYONE is created in the PERFECT image of God!.

We all want respect from everyone. Though some of us may be different than you, we all have feelings. How would you feel if you were in a group ignored when the group around you was chatting? How would you feel if someone never looked you in the eyes?

So let's list a few things that ALL of us want.

1.Respect- When you talk to someone with a disability treat them just like everyone else and look them in the eyes because it makes them feel important and loved.

2. Kindness- Oh kindness is such a big one. Being kind to everyone even someone who may be different than you can mean so much more to that person than you may know. Like giving them compliments, not making fun of them. ( Treat people the way you want to be treated)

3.Inclusion- Include others in your conversation or everyday activities.

4. Patience- We may not understand everything at once give us a little time and patience eventually we will understand

5. Acceptance- Accept them for who they are. Don't be overly nice just act normal around them/us.

Remember, not everyone with a disability "looks like" they have a disability.....but that's even MORE reason to extend kindness and just be yourself! Take me, for example. People don't always realize right away that I have a disability, but it seems when they do, they don't always look me in the eye when we talk. Is it that they are uncomfortable? I am not sure? I just want to chat, be respected, and be included.....just like everyone else.

So, now you know the big secret......what are you going to do with it?

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