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The 3 Strongest Ways I Have Felt God's Presence

Were you ever in an event like a christian event or a concert and you felt God's presence strongly? Is there a time in your life where you just knew the Holy Spirit was over you or had his hand on you? I have and I will share 3 of my strongest and personal experiences.

1.Dare to be conference- I went to a christian conference called "Dare To Be" featuring Natalie Grant and speaker Charlotte Gambill . It was a conference for woman. I went with a good friend of mine. We listened to sermons and worshiped while we were there. Towards the end of the conference the woman who were speaking for the conference had all of us get up to pray and hold hands to the people next to us. I have to say it was a very powerful prayer and we were to also pray for the person next to us. I remember thinking "I don't feel God's presence" or "I wish I felt God's presence during this" and then a minute later I felt this feeling in my right hand it felt like electricity going through my hand and like a shock is how I can best describe it. It was a very powerful feeling and I knew it was the Holy Spirit touching my hand at once. I started feeling it all through out my arm and it stayed there for quite a few mins.

I couldn't get over the feeling for the next few days it was that power. Sometimes the Holy Spirit's presence comes through you like electricity or a warm feeling.

2.Being prayed for- I was once prayed over by a powerful prayer and during that moment I felt God's peace come flood the whole room we were in. I felt very peaceful and had chills all over me. Even after I was shaking because of the energy that came over me. It also felt like kind of like a heavy peaceful feeling. That's the best way I can describe it.

3. When I went on the Holy land tour and we were in Jerusalem at the church called "Church Of Sepulchre". There is a lot of history in that church. That is where Jesus' tomb was and it is said to be where the people took Jesus as prisinor when He was to be killed. It is also close by where Jesus was crucified.

So I remember this was on the last day of our trip and during this whole trip I had a hard time eating I believe it is because of my anxiety. So I was feeling tired and weak. When we walked around the church and checked out almost all the rooms there I felt extreme peace in that building. It was like a peace that is hard to explain. It just felt very calm and peaceful there. I felt like Jesus was with me in that moment while we were walking around that church and Jerusalem. I was also very happy to be in Jerusalem because that is where Jesus grew up and walked.

Are there times in your life where you just knew you had the presence of God over you and where you just knew God was with you? Comment your experience below and share a time where you strongly felt God's presence over you.

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