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God Stretching Faith

Starting a new job, starting at a new school, starting a new youth group, starting a new class... When you try new things like this... "Bam!" the anxiety kicks in. The fear starts to cover you. You wonder if you can do it. You think about it all the time until you have to go.

Anxiety and fear is real. Sometimes it keeps us from doing things we really would like to do. For me, anxiety is always a struggle. Especially when I try something new. The fear can get so strong that you might feel like backing out or hiding in a corner. There are lots of things and activities in this world that can get us out of our comfort zone. New experiences can make us feel afraid, maybe too afraid to try.

We don't know where life takes us and sometimes unexpected surprises come along the way. God takes us to places to get out of our comfort zones. You have read about that in my previous blog posts. However, when God takes us somewhere, like maybe to an unfarmilar place or unfamiliar people, we tend to get nervous. Especially, I do, because, unfortunately, anxiety is a big part of 22q Deletion Syndrome. I would like to share this quote with you:

There are lot's of things in my life that I have to do to get out of my comfort zone. This is where God stretches my faith and grows my trust in Him. For example, I am trying this new youth group for young adults with Ada Bible Church. Or even my new internship at GEMS can fill me with fear. Truth be told... I don't always want to do some of these things that God leads into my path because of fear. Sometimes the things that God puts into my path, scares me. But then I almost always feel that little nudge I believe that is from God to just do it. I have to remind myself that God says in His word " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God will be with you every where you go. " Joshua 1:9. Even though we might be scared to do some things we should try to do it anyways. When we do the things we are afraid of doing, but do it anyways, it makes us stronger. Pushing through now, makes things easier to push through later. This way we gain confidence that we can do it, no matter how we feel. And remember, no matter how anxious we feel, we are never alone.

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