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Me and Mandisa

Earlier this month I was not planning on doing anything but as life is full of surprises I received two tickets to the Mandisa and Tobymac concert. Thanks to my friend Cindy Bultema, the executive director of GEMS ( girls club ministry, I was very happy that I got to go. My Mom joined me on this outing and we went to dinner at Noco's and went straight to the concert.

(At Noco's)

A beautiful sunset welcomed us downtown

The main message during the concert was that we are all one, and how we should end racism because God loves all... white, black or no matter what color we are, we are all created in the image of God. We need to fight for each other, not against one another.

The groups that played at the concert were Finding Favour, Danny Gokey, Mandisa and Tobymac. These were all great bands! There was a lot of fun music, so we were all dancing and jumping and putting our hands up in worship to God. Mandisa shared a little bit of her story about when she was overweight and ate a lot, then she almost drank a lot of pills to end her life because the devil crept into her mind telling her lies. But then God came in and saved her life. So the song "Overcomer" is a big part of her life. This song means a lot to me too. I am an overcomer everyday, fighting through my challenges.

The bands played a lot of my favorite songs. Danny Gokey sang one of my favorite songs from him, called "Rise". It is a good song. A few of Mandisa's songs that I love are"Stronger" and "Unfinished" (as well as "Overcomer"). Those songs have great messages and they are very catchy too. The bands were a lot of fun because they did a lot of dancing that made the audience get up and dance too.

Some of Tobymac's songs I really loved and recognized were "Backseat Driver" which is a fun song! "Made To Love", "Move(Solider keep walking)", and "Til the Day I Die". It was funny because I was looking forward to the song, "Til the Day I Die", when my Mom and I were just about to leave I was getting my jacket on and then they started playing it! So of course, I took my jacket off and we stayed! Great way to end the concert.

The concert was very uplifiting! It's so fun to be able to listen to fun music like that and worship God at the same time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have seen all these great singers and their bands! Who are your favorite bands? Singers? What songs lift you up?

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