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Chase Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream. Have you ever asked someone with a disability what their dreams are? You might be surprised. In fact, you might become inspired. Even though someone has a disability doesn't mean they don't have big dreams like going to college one day and getting their degree... like I do, one day.

I went to an event last night for the Northook academy class. Northook academy is a class where people with special needs can go and learn and get educated. Don't people love to learn new things everyday?

During the ceremony my classmates and I were telling our audience what our dreams were. Some dreams I heard, including my own, truly inspired me. Some of the dreams were...

To be an Actress

To be an Author

Change the world

Cure Alzheimer disease

Dreams give people motivation and joy and something to aim towards in their life. What is your dream and what inspires you? For me, my dream is to be a christian author and to have my ministry grow someday. Also, I would like to get a degree in college and not have my anxiety get in the way of all of my dreams.

A really cool part of the event ceremony for Northook academy last night, was that the mayor was there. She shared a story about her Dad. Her Dad for all his life wasn't able to read, but he was determined to. He worked hard all of his life to be able to read and now he reads today. He reached for his goal and achieved it. I learned that this is an example of perseverance, activity maintained in spite of difficulties. Speaking of perseverance, I have been seeing this a lot in my life recently, such as, pushing myself to write my book and go to Gems every week and learning to push through days even if I don't feel good.

I believe that everyone no matter if you have a disability or a struggle maybe you have ADHD or something and school is really hard for you. If you put your mind to it I believe that you can achieve anything. As the quote I shared in the picture above said...

Dream it

Wish it

Do it

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