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Joy Through Trials

Do you ever wonder why bad things happen? I know there have been times when I wonder that. When I see bad things that are happening on the news like school shootings or murders. If there is a good God in heaven that can stop all this, why doesn't He stop them? I think maybe, just maybe, God might have a plan to use these bad things to point us towards Him. I am not saying God causes bad things, but I am saying He is powerful enough to use tough times for His glory. As hard as some things may be, it can lean on God to be the rock that we stand on.

I want to use an example that is happening in my life. We have a puppy, Cooper, who is 2 years old. Just recently had a birthday not too long ago. For those of you who know me I absolutely love dogs, especially our pups. Ever since Coop was young he has had lots of problems. He has had 2 surgeries and many seizures. I would say now he has had about 12 seizures. He just had one today when I was right by him. It is always scary to watch your dog or any of your loved one have a seizure. I was trying to calm him down too.

Cooper is such a good pup. He is very playful when he is himself. He's a goofball and a sweetheart. We give our dogs as much love and affection as we can. While they are sick or going through stuff like what Cooper is going through we try to help him get better as much as we can.

Even though Coop is going through all of these seizures he is still always in a good and playful mood. So despite the hard things he is going through he is filled with joy especially when he is around his family and our other dog Farley. I think, like Cooper, we could use him as an example of what to do when we are going through trials and tribulations.

When we are going through hard times things we don't understand I think our answer is like Cooper is just to enjoy the time that we have in life no matter what we are going through. When we have our family and close friends with us who love us and enjoy spending time with you we can cherish those moments. We have to remember to that "The joy of the Lord is our Strength". Although Cooper doesn't understand who God is or His love for us I think we could really use Cooper as an example.

The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength" Nehemiah 8:10

For us, when we go through trials and tribulations we know about God and His love for us. So we can hold onto the promises of God that He loves us. When we go through trials and tribulations we know that God is always there for us and that there is a reason why we go through hard things. So no matter what you are going through keep your eyes focused on God who works out everything for our good and His glory.

(Prayers for Coop would be greatly appreciated!)

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