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Don't Label Me

Hi guys! So today I have a story to share with you and something that happened with my Mom and I at the store.

We were checking out our groceries and we were talking to the lady who was the cashier. She asked me "what school do you go to?" and I told her GRCC. She said something like "Oh cool my Mom works there". We asked her what class she teaches which she replied English and asked what her last name is and she said "oh you probably haven't taken her class she teaches the low level classes for the dumb" (otherwise known as people with disabilities). At first I didn't catch that but my Mom did and she let her know the comment offended her. It did to me too when I understood what she said. The comment made me feel hurt and bad.

People with disabilities, like me, (an invisible disability) may learn differently and need more help, but it does NOT mean we are low and dumb. Having learning differences does not mean we are not intelligent. It was a hurtful comment, but went right along with this mornings sermon at my church.

My church service earlier today at Ada Bible church, was about how we should not look at someone on the outside, but rather look at their heart. Like some of us may be really pretty, or have nice clothes, or may have the same interests as you. Or, it could be the complete opposite.

Some of us may be in a wheelchair, or may look like we have a disability, or we may have glasses, or have anxiety. All these things label us, but don't really tell who we are. Some of us may not look like how you want us to look, but we are our own person. Which is good. None of us want to try and look or be like someone else. We were all created equally and "fearfully and wonderfully made by God" Psalm 139:14.

Be careful what you say to people. Think twice before you make a comment like that to someone like she did to me and had no idea I had a disability. You may be talking to someone who struggles in school and they could even get offended by that comment. Just because some of us have learning disabilities doesn't mean we aren't smart. It doesn't mean we don't love to learn (I love to learn new things). Having a learning disability doesn't mean we won't get our college degree someday.

So I would take this as a reminder to be careful with your words. And to not be so quick to judge someone because they may turn out to be a really cool person. Let's treat others the way you want to be treated.

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