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Some Of My Favorite Youtube channels I Go To For Encouragement

In this post I want to name some of my favorite youtube channels I like to go to when I need encouragement.

1. Coffee And Bible Time

This is one of my favorite youtube channels. Two sisters run this channel and they talk about different christian journaling stuff/ideas or have ideas on Bible journaling. They also share different videos of just words of encouragement.

2.Encounter TV

On this channel they are a ministry and they post a lot of encouraging videos. The main speaker is named David Hernandez. In my opinion, he is a really good speaker and encourger and I just feel like his talks about faith are very real and deep and that is what I like about this channel and ministry.

3.Joyce Meyer

I think most people know about her. She is a writer and a speaker. She posts encouraging messages about faith and to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

4. David Wilkerson

David is a really good christian speaker. I think he died unfortunetley a couple of years ago. But his posts are really encouraging videos to help you grow in your faith.

5. The Porch

Not too long ago, my cousin introduced me to "The Porch". It is on the podcast app and this guy is very real and cool. He as well posts great and deep messages about living the Christian life.

6. Life without Limbs

Now this guy who's name is Nick Vujicic is one of my favorite author and speakers. He wrote Life Without Limits which is about his disability (he was born with no arms and legs) and he talks about how he copes and deals with his disability and how his faith is a big part of his life. I follow Nick and think he is a great role model. On this channel he does short videos about faith and disability for encouragment.

7. Joel Osteen Joel Osteen is a Christian speaker who posts videos like Joyce M+eyer and posts different sermons on faith. I like a couple of his videos and think most are encouraging.

8.Girl Defined

Girl defined is another good channel. Two sisters who are writers and have written a book together. I think their main goal is to help girls find who they are in Christ and to not look at how the world is.

9. Charles Stanley

Charles is another one of my favorite Christian speakers. He gives great sermons and gives a lot of wisdom about the BIble and God. He shares his faith and gives motivation

10. Meghan Beggs

Also, you can check out my channel. I share encouraging videos and sometimes read devotionals and talk about it. I also talk about my disability and faith and my walk with God

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