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Finding Your Calling Through What You Enjoy

What makes you happy?

What do you find yourself spending most of your time doing?

What has God laid on your heart?

What do you find yourself talking about most?

All these questions are great to ask yourself. They make you think and know what it is you love to do most. Have you found your calling? I know for me, it has taken me a long time and a lot of prayer to find my calling. At first, I didn't think God had a calling on my life through out all my time being sick with my disability. Throughout your life you definitely don't know what God has called you to do right away. It takes lots of patience and praying to God about it. Normally, what I have learned is God uses past pains and regrets and turns it into your story.

When I knew I found my calling I felt a peace from God. I feel confident in what I do. I also feel passionate about it.

When I was younger, I remember I always would have a notebook with me and would write short stories about 20 kids living in a mall or would use my imagination and I always felt happy doing that. Ever since I can remember I have always looked up to Christian authors and pastors and have always wanted to be like them. Also, to be around them. I have also always dreamed about being in a ministry too or having a ministry of my own.

What I have figured out my calling is... I feel I am supposed to write and encourage other people with disabilities and be a disability advocate for myself and others. When you have found your calling other people can tell you enjoy doing it as well as joy emulates from you.

I have been told that people could tell that I really enjoy writing, reading and journaling. Ask yourself the questions from the beginning of this blog post. Is there something that you are feeling called to do? Jesus will use you for his glory, just open your heart to him.

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