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Change In The Seasons

Seasons change and so do people. For us in Michigan, we have all 4 seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. For us Michiganders, the weather here in Michigan has a mind of it's own. We never really know what the weather will be like. I know we each have our own favorite season. For me, my favorite seasons are spring and fall. I love spring because you have a little bit of the warm weather with sunshine, plus it's my birthday season. As for fall, it is cooler weather and the leaves start to fall and change into beautiful colors.

I think as the seasons change we tend to change our goals and what we want to do. With each season there are different activities to do. For summer you might want to go swimming, go to baseball games, go to the beach and for fall you may want to go to apple orchards, drink hot apple cider, go pick out a pumpkin you like, curl up with a good book and hot drink. So even though there are different seasons and people change, God and His word will never change and will last forever.

There may be trying seasons, good seasons, and seasons where we might not know what to expect. With both God and the weather we may not know what is coming our way. We don't always know what to expect from God in our lives. We know God is here to help us and be with us and is for us, but sometimes we may not understand what God is doing in our lives. That is why we have to put our trust in Him and trust in His unfailing word that God is a good God and He is a God who will keep His promises.

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