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Find Your Christmas Spirit

Are you in the Christmas spirit? Or are you maybe not really in the Christmas spirit because of the weather? Because it has been raining even on December 1st in Michigan. Well if you just can't get yourself in the Christmas spirit as someone who is a Christmas lover I will share some tips into getting yourself officially in the Christmas mood and remembering what Christmas is all about.

If you are feeling like Mr.Scrooge here are a couple things that you can do that I enjoy doing to get myself in the Christmas mood...

1. Putting up Christmas decorations in our house and my room. It is said that those who put up Christmas decorations earlier are happier...

2. Listen to Christmas music. There's just something about Christmas music that is comforting and makes you happy. It gives you that good Christmas feeling. Do you have a favorite Christmas song that you love? Crank that up and jam out to it... A couple of my favorite Christmas songs are...

- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

-Mary Did You Know

-Little Drummer boy

-Carol Of The Bells

-O Holy Night

3. Get a mug of hot chocolate maybe at your favorite coffee shop or make some homemade hot chocolate at home... maybe for fun add in some mini marshmallows or get your own Christmas mug

4. Read the book of Mark. Reading the book of Mark and remembering what Christmas is all about that God sent Jesus here on earth to show what God is really like and save everyone to have eternal life in Heaven with God. To bring love, peace joy and healing to the lost and to love others like they have never been loved before

5. Take a night drive in the evening when it is dark outside and get a Christmas light show from your car window

6. Go to a coffee shop that has Christmas lights and Christmas music, grab a cup of coffee, and maybe read a good book to get you in the spirit

7. Maybe give a gift to someone you really care about, a good friend or family member, and tell them how much you appreciate them

8. Make bags of home essentials as in toothbrush,hand sanitizer, lotion, socks, gloves, hats, etc. Put in plastic bags and give them to homeless people that you see on the street

Although sometimes you may not get in the Christmas mood right away, remembering what Christmas is all about, when Jesus came to earth as a baby to be a savior to everyone, and giving to other people during the Christmas year will always make you feel better. Also, being a good friend and being there for other people and putting other people before yourself will boost up your Christmas spirit.

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