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Nothing To Prove

Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself?

Or to show others that you are normal, not weird? In the past I went through a lot of things and changes. Finding out that I have a disability, going to doctor and hospital appointments all the time feeling sick and weak a lot of the time, I had severe social anxiety struggles and even sometimes had trouble making friends as well as at school and fitting in. I always learned differently from others and always needed help. Going through all that in the past made me realize that I didn’t want people to look at me weird or differently than others without a disability. I didn’t want to just be “labeled” as someone with a disability. I wanted to be seen that I was someone who is strong and kind and that yeah even though I have this disability and I might have anxiety and struggles different than other people have, I wanted to be known as someone like-able not just known for

someone with a disability. Some of this is hard to explain.

Since I have gotten closer to God and discovered the beautiful purpose that God has in store for me and figuring out that I have my own identity in Christ and am loved dearly by God I have found peace in who I am and who God has created me to be. I have had some things happen to me in the past where I knew people thought I was weird or just different from others.

For example, when I was in middle school I had a hard time making friends and there was an encounter with an old neighbor who told one of my old friends that she thought I was weird. Another time is when I was at one of my old schools and I sat at lunch by myself quite a few times I don't remember a lot of these times to much but I try and remember at least some of it cause a lot of it will help me to use examples in writing for my book and when I share blog posts like this. So I have had quite a few times in my life where people looked at me differently and didn't want to be my friend and yeah that hurt me but thank God I have grown up a lot now and I have found peace in who I am and it doesn't matter what other people think about me as much anymore.

I’ve found that I don’t have to prove myself and that not everybody has to like me. I have also found joy in my ministry with my blog and YouTube channel and it helps me to see that I have something unique and special to give to others that a lot of other people might not be able too. Going through the struggles that I went through and not understanding some of the things that God had me go through gives me the privilege to know who I am…God describes who we are in the verse that I shared up above and the one below

As well as this verse says…

“ So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them”

We are more than what people may say who we are, or labels indicate what we can and cannot do. Just re read those verses. We are created in the image and likeness of God therefore we don't have to look down on ourselves and think that we don't have a purpose. Even though some people might look down on us because of some of the struggles that we have and at some point of our lives think that we are "weird" or "different" from other people God sees us in a completely different way. He sees us how He really created and destined us to be.

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