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Finding God In Creativity

Do you like to try new things? Do you like to be creative and artsy? For a while I was trying some new stuff because I need a little break from writing all the time. Don't get me wrong, I have a passion for writing but when you're only focusing on writing all the time it can get tiring and a little boring. So I was searching for a new hobby. I found about a week or so ago that I love to paint and draw. I love painting flowers and landscapes. I think it is a lot of fun and is a way to boost up my creativity. We all need a little change up once in a while, don't we?

When I first picked up the paint brush I painted pink flowers and when I showed my Mom after she thought it was really good and that I may have a talent cooking in painting. I love how it feels when you paint and seeing all the different colors you can paint. It's like you can paint a whole new world. As I am painting I think it is making me see the world differently too. If you look around outside in nature when you see all the trees, snow, birds, the sun everything around us is like a picture that we can keep in our minds. It's also amazing how many colors there are as well. God's creation is really beautiful if you take the time to sit and think about how everything works.

We should take a moment each day to thank God for everything He has given us and the show that we are able to watch with nature all around us. Here I will share with you a few of my paintings... So have you been doing something for so long that you feel you need to do something a little bit more fun? There are so many activities out there you just need to keep your eyes open and find what it is you like to do. Don't be afraid to be creative and try something new!

I need to add I did not do these freehand I followed a tutorial on youtube...

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