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Big Dreams Take Courage

Have you ever tried something that you love or really wanted to try, but it also scared you? I know I have. I think we all have to do this a couple of times in our lives. To do something that we are really passionate about but it takes courage to do so. Are you ambitious? Do you have big dreams that you feel are maybe a part of your calling from God, but also might feel like it will take a lot of courage to do? Maybe your dream seems way out there, here are some example dreams people might have...

1.Be a writer

2.Be an actress

3. Be a doctor to find a cure for diseases

4.Athlete going to the Olympics

5.Be a singer

6.Have a ministry

All these that I shared are some big dreams that some people may have. These are all great dreams to have, but takes a lot of bravery and boldness to do these things. I believe that God puts big dreams in our hearts to lead us to where He wants us to go. I would like to use my cousin Carly's and my coffee group, for an example. Before our coffee group, "Cozy Coffee and Friendly Faces" kicked off to a good start, it took a lot of work to get it going. First, we just tried getting a few people to go for coffee at different places, at that time, it was just Carly and I who showed up which was fine. We learned it takes a while to get a group started. But then one day I came up with this idea in my head, "What if we started a coffee group for people with invisible disabilities and social anxiety?" The idea just lingered in my head for a while, and the idea just wouldn't go away, so I talked to Carly about it and she thought it was a great idea. We came up with a name for the group, a Facebook page and Instagram story. Then something exciting happened, we got a chance to be interviewed about our group idea on the channel 8 news. The group eventually got kicked off to a good start, and is now growing strong. So, the reason why I shared this example is because if you really want something to happen in your life, you have to work hard at it, and be courageous and put your anxiety aside. In order to have those big dreams come true it can't just happen, just like that without hard work. You have to put hard work, effort, discipline and in a way, be courageous to have those big dreams come true.

If you have a big dream inside of you that might seem to hard, or even impossible to reach, just a quick reminder, we have a God that's even bigger than our dreams, and He can make the impossible possible. Don't wait for or another year to start making those dreams come true, work hard now and study your dream, and take those steps to conquer that dream. Another example, as some of you know, my dream has always been to be a writer and have my own ministry. Right now, I am working very hard to make that dream come true, with my Youtube Channel, blog, and writing my book. Someday's I may not feel like working hard at my writing but sometimes you just have to push yourself. Pray to God and ask Him to put that motivation in you,if that dream or motivation has been dry or gone for a while. He will put a refreshed spirit in you to continue to follow those dreams.

What are your dreams?

What are you waiting for?

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