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Let's Overcome Social Anxiety

Having a disability can come with social challenges. Truth be told, it can be tough. Whether its fighting anxiety in social situations or getting yourself to go out and hang out with friends when you have anxiety, or maybe even having a hard time keeping a conversation going can be tough for some people as well. Do you have any ticks or habits that you can't control while being at a social event or somewhere that has a lot of people? Finding a group can be hard for lots of people because of some challenges that come along with a disability. These can get in the way and can be hard to learn how to fix or cope with at times. Do you or someone that you know struggle with these things? I have struggled with these things all my life. Some days can be worse than others. Some days can be better than others, depending on how my anxiety is. When I go to events it can sometimes feel long for me and can easily take a lot of energy out of me. Being in a big group when there are conversations going on left and right it can be hard to follow one conversation when there is a lot going on at once. I have always had this issue. But slowly but surely I am finding ways to deal with it. When you're with a group of people and lots of people are talking at once try and just focus on one person and listen to them and try and block the other conversations out.

For me I think I have had social anxiety all my life. It can be tough. Since I have had social anxiety most of my life i am finding some ways to cope with it. I want to overcome my anxiety and social anxiety. Do you? Well let's figure that out together.

Here are 7 ways to cope with social anxiety...

1.Pray to God to help you calm your nerves "Cast your worries on the Lord, because He cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7

2.Before you go to a social event if you have time go for a walk that usually helps calm my nerves

3. Talk to someone you trust about how you feel and maybe receive advice from them

4. Think positive thoughts. If you tell yourself that you can't do it or if you think "What if things don't turn out how i want them too?" Consistently thinking negative thoughts like that can actually cause that too happen if you worry about it too much

5. Do you have a dog or a pet at home that you like to cuddle with? Sometimes having these companions in our life can take away anxiety and actually help you calm down

6. Do you journal? Sometimes if I'm anxious about something I will write out how I feel and it seems to always help me

7.Take deep breaths.. When you feel anxious take deep breaths in and out slowly a few times it will really help!

I know social anxiety can be really hard to work through and it can sometimes make you feel like you want to cancel your plans even at the last minute and just stay home. But from what I have been learning with anxiety is sometimes we just need to find a way to work through it and just go and do it. Because maybe you've been wanting to try and join that one group you've been thinking a lot about lately but are just too nervous but if you never try it how will you know what you are capable of? Or what if you meet some amazing friends who are just like you and things turn out to be great? Let's fight this anxiety/social anxiety and put on our brave faces and slam that anxiety down to the ground and show it who's boss. We can't let it control our life forever. Let's remember,

we can do this.

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