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Start Fresh

It has been a brutal and crazy winter. For those of us who live in Michigan we especially know because the weather has been all over the place. Lots of snow storms, then rain showers then that turned into an ice storm and the roads got extremely dangerous to be on. After this winter, and being stuck inside (because no one really wants to be in the cold for too long), we are all ready for spring. With a new season, comes new opportunities, new goals, and a fresh ambitious heart to do things. For me, I look forward to my birthday. It is in the spring in the month of April and it will be my golden birthday! I am looking forward to that as well. Once the snow starts to melt and the birds start to chirp and the sun shines longer, most of us will want to get outside more, get back into our workout routine, do things with friends outside, start that new job etc. Or you can start putting items in your house together that you don't need anymore and have a garage sale as well.

Once spring comes, everyone likes to do a little spring cleaning. Start putting away those winter clothes, boots, jackets, gloves etc. And get out the spring/summer clothes. Which I am really looking forward too. It always feels good to put away those winter clothes that we feel we have been wearing for so long and put on those new fresh spring clothes. We can also look at it like this. We can have a fresh new beginning. Or a refresh! Spring is a great time to refresh your faith. What does that mean? I think it would mean to start putting your goals together for this month and spend more time with God and setting aside your devotional reading time. Maybe you were planning on getting a new devotional to read for this spring that you really want to read? When we start a new season it can seem that we get a stronger ambition to start some thing anew. Perhaps you could change up your prayer routine? Or join a bible study?

Are there any goals that you have or that you would like to focus on this spring? Maybe it's spending more time with God, showing up at your job more, starting that blog or keep on writing blog posts? Or working out more, or journaling? This is a good time to think about those goal and write it out and pray to God to help you keep your commitment to those goals. I also think another thing to do is to remember who you want to be and what type of person that you want to be and work towards that.

I think as life goes on and as we get distracted and our schedules fill up we tend to forget what we are really aiming for in life and who or whose we are. So it's important to take some time in a new season and reflect on those things.

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