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Taking A Breather

This weekend/week has been busy for my family. On Saturday night it was just me and my sister at home. My sister was bored so I suggested we go for a car ride and get McDonald's. When we left we were both wearing sweats/ sweatshirt and no makeup and jammin' out to music in the car singing at the top of our lungs. I think sometimes we need to do that. What my sister and I do if we are bored or if we have been feeling stressed is just let loose. We don't worry about make up, what we are wearing, or anything like that. We just hop in the car and blast the music. It's just letting go. We all have busy schedules but it is good to remember to just take a breather. Sometimes just going out in the car no make up on and not caring what anyone thinks and just letting things go is what we need to do.

I think God didn't intend for us to have stressful lives. I think one of the reasons He wants to be in our lives is to give us a peace that the world can't give. I think God also wants us to enjoy life and the little moments and just to have fun with life and try new things. I know for me I want to have an adventurous and fun life. I don't want to spend all my time worrying about what is going to happen the next day nor think about what other people might think about me. I don't want to worry all the time about how I look. I think life is so much more than that.

Jesus came so that we might have life and live it to it's fullest. Is there something in your life that has been getting you stressed out or worried? I know I have and lately what I have been trying to do is just pray to God about it ask Him to help me and try to let go and forget about my anxiety or stress. Sometimes that's all we can do. So what is it you need to do for yourself? Do you need to change up your schedule and set aside time to yourself or spend time with God or maybe a close friend and just talk to them about what has been going on in your life? Or maybe you need to take a car ride with your sibling or friend and crank up that music and let go and not care what others think. Whatever it is, do it sometimes you just need to do that for yourself in order to be happy and enjoy the life God has given you

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