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10 Things I Wish People Knew About Having A Disability

Here are 10 things I wish people knew about having a disability...

1. Not all disabilities are visible be careful how you treat someone else because they might have an invisible disability and social anxiety and that might make it hard to socialize or to do a certain task

2.Anxiety comes with a lot of disabilities. If one of your friends has a disability and anxiety and if you guys have plans and they might cancel sometimes or at the last second don't take it personally, They might just be dealing with some anxiety and might be having a hard time getting themselves out

3.It's hard for someone with a disability or invisible disability to find a job or the right job. Because there might not be a place that will work with the hours that they can work or it might take them longer to understand the job and the tasks that it comes along with

4.Someone with a disability might need a little bit more encouragement then others to be able to do something or maybe to go get that job or to get them to go out with a friend. Just give them a light nudge of encouragement and maybe they will get there.

5. Having a disability/invisible disability doesn't mean you are weak.

6. Look for the strengths in someone with a disability. They have them, just like you

7. When you see someone with a disability or know that they have a disability don't talk babyish to them talk to them just like a normal person because they have personality and feelings just like you

8. Just because someone you know has a disability doesn't mean they can't do somethings they might just need some more help or need things explained to them a few times but they will get there

9.When your talking in a group with someone with a disability or someone that you know has a hidden disability keep in mind that they might have a hard time following one conversation when there are lots of conversations going on at a time. Maybe try and talk to them one on one and encourage them in a conversation

10.Not all disabilities are visible. Be careful how you treat others because you never really know what's going on in the inside or behind the scenes

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