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Introducing Brody's BE Cafe

Brody's Be cafe is a new coffee shop that will be opening in a month or 2 in Ada Michigan. We always need a new coffee shop in Michigan. But this coffee shop won't be like any other cafe'. One of the reasons why I'm very excited for this coffee shop is because they have a great reason for opening this cafe. They were featured on Wood TV and talked about the cause for opening Brody's Be Cafe'. The reason why this coffee shop will be like no other is because Brody's Be Cafe will be hiring individuals with special needs. Have you ever wanted to work at a cafe but were never able to find a cafe to work at because they wouldn't be able to help meet you at your needs and help you with the only few hours you are able to work or with the struggles that you have and just need some extra help? That is the story of my life.

That is why I'm super excited for this coffee shop to open and hoping for a chance to be able to work there. Even though my disability isn't as apparent to some people I still struggle and need more help then most people do at my age. But I'm always willing to work as hard as I can and try and keep the job to my best ability.

(If you ever get a chance to stop at Brody's Be cafe before they open get a picture by their sign they are asking people to do this in order to bring more awareness to their Cafe)

I've always wanted to work at a Cafe' ever since my love for coffee grew and this coffee shop that will be opening is an answer to prayer. I think that Brody's Be Cafe will succeed very well in what they do and in what they are doing especially because of the reason why they are doing this coffee shop. It will bring a lot of people who have certain disabilities hope to find a job that they will excel in..Recent news about what the Cafe will be also doing is that they are partnering up with a company called "Stir It Up" this company also hires people with special needs to make baked goods... like really good cookies and cupcakes. If you are ever in the mood for a good cup of coffee, or tea or a smoothie and some goodies take a trip to Brody's Be cafe.

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