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Push Past Your Disability/limits, Reach Towards Your Dream

Do you have dreams? Do you want to get to a place in your life where you can have your dreams come true? I know we all have dreams. But maybe you have a certain struggle or something that gets in the way like for example.anxiety or a certain disability that you have had all your life? And maybe that has not completely gotten in the way of you reaching for and achieving your dreams but it has put a limit on you and when you could have been one step closer to your dream now it takes you longer to get to your dreams or your goals that you have in life? Well I believe there's a way we can push past that and not let our limits drag us down.

I think a lot of my life in the past I stayed in the "safe zone" I played it cool in the "Safe zone". Because I wasn't as confidence and in a sense "Brave" as I am now. But how fun is that staying in the safe zone all your life? It's not, correct. I couldn't push past my limits and a big part of that was because when I was younger and my disability was more apparent I wasn't as self aware as I am now. That's a whole other story I will share with you sometime but I have a chapter in my book talking about that too. Now that I know myself more and have more confidence in myself and know where I stand in life I'm trying to gain more independence as my own person and to reach towards the dreams I have despite the limits I have that come along with my disability. I believe we can get to where we want to in our life and hey we only live once so let's try to accomplish all the dreams in our one life that we can. As for me, I have a lot of dreams and I am working toward those goals with writing my book and making videos for youtube as well as some other dreams as working at this one particular coffee shop I shared with you in my last post. Are there ways we can make reaching for our dreams easier when we have limits that might get in the way.? Well here's a list of a few ways to reach your dream and not let your limits and disability get in the way...

1.Believe in yourself- Who will truly believe in you when you don't even believe in yourself? Have confidence and faith in yourself that you can reach your dream 5.5

"Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy"- quote by Norman Vincent Peale

2. Hand your dream over to God and trust Him with it and give Him full control of your dream and don't listen to the critics who tell you it is impossible. "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

3.Keep a journal about all your dreams and goals- When you have a journal that you write in all your dreams and goals and how you plan on reaching those goals it's very helpful to look at from time to time

"Journaling- It's like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time"

4. In the same way get a planner and get one that you can use and love and make a schedule for yourself and make time during the week to work on your goals. For example, I want to get my book done and published soon so I have a set aside schedule to work on my book 3 times a week and that helps me get on step closer to my goal

5. Have an accountability partner- Throughout my life I've had a few people by my side to help me reach my goals of being independent. You can also have someone to check in like a good friend and have them check and see how your doing with reaching your goals. "Have you gone to this coffee shop this week?" "Have you applied for this job?" or "Have you painted that picture today?" whatever it is your goals are it can be very helpful to have someone or a good friend to help you along the way.

6. Have anxiety/fear? I do. Anxiety and fear can defintiley be enemies in our life. I deal with it everyday. But let's not let it get in the way of our dreams. When we have big dreams and goals it can be easy to have anxiety get in the way but the good thing is we don't have to let it get in the way. We have lots of Bible verses to help us though it and we have God by our side and different people and friends in our life that are cheering us on.

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" by Christopher Columbus

Whatever your dream is I encourage you to push forward and work hard for your dream and not give up. Don't allow your limits to get in the way. You can never truly know what you can really do if you don't step out there and fight to make your dreams come true. In closing I would like to share a few lyrics from a song I have been loving lately and that has been really speaking to me it's called

"A million dreams" by the greatest showman

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