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When You Don't Give Up On A Prayer

Is there something that your chasing after right now? Is there a dream that's been planted in your heart by God and you're praying and praying for it everyday and waiting patiently for it to come to pass when it is God's time? It can be hard to wait for something that you really desire to happen in your life and we know that it says in this verse down below...

What does this verse mean?...

Well when a person who is a Christian and who follows in the footsteps of the Lord prays their prayer effects their life around them and effects their situations around them for the good. So don't forget to pray because it changes things

"Delight yourself in the Lord: When we keep our relationship with God first priority and when we protect our time with Him and delight ourselves in Him.

"And He will give you the desires of your heart" Once we delight ourselves in Him and enjoy our time we spend with God then He will work His way on putting the desires on our hearts of what He wants us to have and He will give you the desires that are on your heart as well

Another verse I want to share with you is...

When we seek first the things of God and not the things of this world like when we seek God and spending time with Him and when we seek reading His word and seek praying to Him and to live in His ways and not the world then everything that we need will be added to us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you prayed so hard for something because the desire was so strong on your heart that you felt you wouldn't stop praying about it until you get it? I've been there and am in that situation even today. I think when we are in this position of fervently praying for something until God answers our prayers I think it teaches us a few things which are ..

1. Prayer does work

2.God knows what we need

3. God is a gift giving Father

4.He loves us and wants the best for us

So if you're in this situation and are fervently praying for God to answer your perayer or to give you something you truly desire I want to encourage you to keep it up God is hearing our prayers and even if He doesn't answer it right now He sees your hard work in prayer and will give it to you in His timing and in His will. For it says...

"But when you go into your room shut your door, pray to your Father who is unseen. Then your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly" Matthew 6:6

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