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Kodi Lee Overcomes

If you were watching "America's Got Talent" this year you know that there were quite a few talented people this season and that it was a tough competition this time around. I tried my best to keep up with all the shows this season. There were a few that I missed but I almost always caught up with it and I was also voting for the contestants as well. For those of you who don't know the show "America's Got Talent" here's a little bit of what the show is about...

"The world's talented yet undiscovered performers of all ages -- singers, dancers, magicians, comics, musicians, ventriloquists and more -- appear before celebrity judges who decide which contestants move on in the competition each week.With the guidance of the show's host, the audience learns the backstories of these amazing people as they strive to make it to the finale, in which one talented performer wins a life-changing $1 million prize -- as well as viewers' hearts. The season also includes the return of memorable acts, and extraordinary performers from previous seasons return to the stage to compete in hopes of taking home the first-ever winter title of AGT Champion. Favorite contestants from other international Got Talent franchises, spanning 184 countries across the globe, also join the fray, showing off their talents for a whole new audience."- America's Got Talent show

I have always really enjoyed watching this show and seeing all the different types of talent that are in America or even from India or different parts all around the world. Some of my favorite contestants this season were quite a few but the top were "V.Unbeatable" and "Voices of Service" and "Benicio Byrant" and a few others as well. There was another contestant who I really liked and always voted for. His name is "Kodi Lee". He was one of the talented competitors this season who happens to have autism and is also blind. He gave an amazing first performance and was as well given the golden buzzer. It is said in one of his interviews on YouTube that he was so excited about the golden buzzer that he would carry the confetti around with him in a box everywhere he went, which warmed my heart. Kodi has played the piano and sang since the age of 2. While watching America's got talent I was always excited to see Kodi and he always got my votes. There were so many talented contestants this year and amazingly Kodi Lee won the whole show this year. I think the reason why Kodi won among all the other contestants is because of his uniqueness and his powerful voice and amazing piano skills. As well as his disability and showing other people with his disability with Autism that no matter what your struggle is you can do anything like for Kodi "Win America's Got talent" I believe this goes to show that no matter who you are or what your struggle is if it's Autism, 22q Deletion Syndrome, Down Syndrome, diabetes or whatever your disability or struggle, you can overcome and do anything that you put your mind too. God can use the people who seems to be the most unlikely qualified person to carry out His will.

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