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My Top 5 Favorite Coffee Shops In Grand Rapids Michigan,And A Secret...

If you really know me you know that I have a real writing schedule and now I have a timeline for when I need to get my book finished. It is becoming more real and I'm so excited to see what will become of my book. I have to write 10 pages a month now for my book I have a writing coach who has been helping and really encouraging me on my journey. I have really appreciated my time with her and her help. So I go to about 3 coffee shops every week to write either for my book or my blog. I have even found a few new coffee shops that I now love and enjoy my time there. If you are a person who loves going to check out new coffee shops in Grand Rapids Michigan, or if you write yourself or maybe you like to find places to work on school work or whatever it is that you need to work on I will list my top 5 favorite coffee shops and rate them. I hope you enjoy!

1. Baker Book House

This shouldn't be a surprise to my close friends or the people who work there. Baker Book House is a Christian book store that has a section for all different types of books, and they have a gift shop section and of course the Baker Beanery Cafe. I have gone here countless times. I did an interenship there for a year and worked there for a couple months. I like Baker because its a very nice and cozy spot to read or study or to get a nice cup of coffee or drink of your choice and a few good food choices as well. They play nice Christian music and the employers there are really kind and helpful. So if you have a question don't be afraid to ask. They are always ready with a helping hand! I give Baker a 10 out of 1-10 stars.

2. Nona's Pantry-

Nona's Cafe is placed in Ada, Michigan.It is a small cute cafe with a variety of coffee drinks and delicious pastries like Penut butter bars, egg salad, soup, muffins and even cake. If you want an area to be able to focus on your work Nona's is the place for you. I discovered this place when I was hanging out with my cousin one time and ever since then have loved it. They occasionally have music playing and usually they have like jazz music on. Nona's is in a cute little town if you ever need to take a walk and it is by the Ada bridge.

-I rate Nona's pantry a 9 out of 1-10 stars

Jamin Bean-

Jamin Bean is right across from the coffee shop I just mentioned above "Nona's Cafe". Jamin bean is as well a smaller cafe but it is a cool coffee shop and has kind of a homey old place feeling.They have really good coffee choices like for example... A smore's latte, penut butter cup latte, birthday cake latte, white chocolate latte etc. They usually have good music on and isn't that often too overcrowded. So if you're looking for a good place to chill listen to music and maybe sit by the fireplace in the fall or winter time. This place is for you!

-I rate this coffee shop an 8 out of 1-10 stars

Schulers Books-

Schulers Books has always been another one of my favorite places to go sit and get some writing in. Schulers is a book store a gift shop and also a cafe and restaurant. They have great food choices for if you are ever hungry or need something to snack on while you are working. My favorite thing to get to eat there is the Honey chicken salad. It is to die for. Their coffee choices are pretty good and they are out with their seasonal drinks as well. If you ever stop by try the "Cafe creme' brulee" It is white chocolate and carmal combined. They have nice relaxing music playing jazz type music or other types of music too. They have a wide variety of books to look at and magazines and games or whatever your in the mood for.

-I rate Schulers a 10 out of 1-10 stars

Sparrow's Cafe-

Last but not least, let me introduce you to Sparrow's Cafe. This little coffee shop is placed in Downtown Grand Rapids. If you want to check out a different place on the busier streets of downtown Michigan this is the place. They have a good selection of coffee and cool places to sit They also have big cute coffee mugs they put your coffee in and good pastries as well as gluten free pastries. You can even sit outside if you so desire too. They have a good selection of music and can be quite busy at time but is a nice enjoyable change of the atmosphere.

I rate Sparrow's cafe a 9 out of 1-10 stars

Oh, to let you in on a little secret you know that coffee shop I introduced a few blog posts ago? Well I was hoping and praying I would get a job there and I know a lot of you were praying for me too (thank you) I got a job there! They will be opening in a few weeks and will have cool places to sit like those igloos from Outside Coffee place and has a cozy and homey feeling to it. I encourage you to stop by sometime and I can make you a cup of coffee!

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