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Be Careful What You Tell Yourself...

Everyday we go through out the day telling ourselves positive affirmations or negative affirmations. It's important that you recognize what you are telling yourself because for example if you tell yourself that you can't do something then it will be harder to do something or if you tell yourself you are really anxious about something then guess what? You will be anxious about that thing you have going on even before you even go to maybe it's an event or hanging out with a friend or going to work. Whatever it is what you tell yourself determines how you feel the rest of the day. Of course I'm not always one to say this because I get anxious a lot.. actually I have what's called a "Genetic anxiety disorder" my anxiety causes me to not be able to eat. But sometimes I find ways to work through it. In order for us to say positive affirmations to ourselves we should first notice the type of thoughts we think. Are they positive or negative? For me whenever I have to go to an event or if I go to work or go to write or anything I usually get anxious thoughts and think about it the whole day before it even happens. So things I could be thinking about instead of think that I am anxious is...

Positive affirmations-

"I will be fine"

" I can do this"

"Nothing bad will happen"

"I can eat"

Negative affirmations I might tell myself

"What if there's too many people?"

"What if I don't feel comfortable?"

Those are the only negative affirmations I can think of right now but you should get where I'm going with this. What we tell ourselves even what we say about ourselves determines how we feel and how we look at things. So the next time you go to work, start a new job, go to school, or go to an event if you are feeling anxious take a look at what you are thinking and turn them around in the right direction and think positive.

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