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Excelling At Work

Having a job isn’t just about making money. A job also means people trust you to get your work done. It’s also about being valued and making connections. I wasn’t sure I would ever get a job I could keep. Especially since my dream job is to be a barista in a coffee shop. I wondered if I would ever be able to keep up with the fast pace and learn all the different recipes to create tasty caffeinated drink.Then the most wonderful thing happened!

In 2019 I got my dream job as a Barista at Brody's Be cafe. At first I was pretty anxious to start a totally new job and meet new people as everyone usually is when they start a job. After a month or so I eventually started to get more comfortable with the cafe and started to like and enjoy being around the people I met and was serving. Ever since I started loving coffee I always wanted to learn the basics of learning coffee or a caramel latte or a favorite peppermint mocha. When I got the job at Brody's I was ecstatic. Excited to be learning to make coffee and serving people.

To be apart of Brody's Be cafe and the company feels great. It feels great to be able to have a job that I not only love and enjoy but where I also feel comfortable and that I can work to the best of my ability. I can understand most of the instructions and things that I have to do told to me and I can do it without having to ask too many questions and do it all myself which I had to do at my first job a lot and got frustrated about it. During my experience of working at Brodys I have

1. Learned a lot about coffee and working at a cafe

2. Learned how to use the espresso machine,

3.I have learned to push through even when I'm tired or don't feel good

4.I have learned that I have the ability to keep a job and do it well

5.This job helps me practice and get better at communicating with others

6. I can be myself and work to the best of my ability

In this picture it was getting close to Christmas time and I made the peppermint mocha latte there in the picture. It also feels great to be able to make drinks for people and serve it to them too. When you’re working a job that you can excel in it makes you feel great about yourself and helps you to reach more of your limitations because it shows you that you can do more than you thought that you could. In the next few posts about Brody’s I hope to interview some of my co-workers at Brody’s so you guys can hear about their story and what they think about working at Brody’s. Help Brody’s grow and for people with disabilities to keep their job and love where they are working by visiting and grabbing a drink or a delicious pastry like a muffin, scone or brownie and more!

#Support Brody’s Be Cafe

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