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Why Brody's Be Cafe Is A Blessing

Because of my disability and lack of understanding and skills at my other jobs because i needed more help then others. My other jobs were hard and a lot of the time frustrating. Because there was always too much work to do and too much going on at once. I also worked long hour shifts and because of my anxiety and not being able to eat most days a lot of days/nights after i worked i was ao stressed and tired when i got home i cried. It's one thing to have a disability ad struggle at a few things it's another to that makes you feel bad about yourself when you can't be great or do well at the job that you have and where you have to always ask for help even though you desperately want to do the work on your own.

See, this is the thing I love about Brody's and why me and everyone who works there are so grateful to have a coffee shop like Brody]s to work. I know it's a different kind of coffee shop because they hire people with more special needs and who need help to be able to have a job where they can excel at and love the job without feeling pressured. Like me, I have always wanted to work at a coffee shop ever since I started loving coffee but could never find a place like that to work because I wouldn't have gotten the help that I needed. Plus, I didn't have any experience with making coffee. Brody's Be cafe made that happen. Honestly, the world needs more work places like this and places where people can get the help that they need. For it gives people with disabilties a chance to be able to work and find a job because they gain more experience.

One of my favorite thing about Brody's is actually the community and the people that work there. Because everyone that works there have similar struggles and love and accept one another. I have not truly worked at a place like that because no one would understand the struggles and disability I have and it was frustrating.

Brody's Be Cafe is a blessing and everyone should give it and the people that work there a chance to show costumers that they are good at the job that they do and give a friendly smile and loving care to everyone who walks in and orders a drink.

Thank you Brody's Be cafe for giving us a chance to work.

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