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A New Responsibility

For quite a few weeks I was trying to convince my Mom to get a fish. I never really had my own small pet and wanted that experience.

After about maybe a month of convincing her I finally got a fish this past Wednesday! I was excited but also anxious because it is a whole new responsibility. So, I got a small yellow betta fish! My Mom and I think he is still a baby or young cause he is still pretty small. His name is Squirt! I had a few other ideas for his name but turned out I liked squirt.

Now that I have a fish, I am really happy I got him but also a bit anxious cause I wanna make sure he's good and happy and well taken care of and that nothing bad happens to him. For I am a first time fish owner! Also, if you know me I have a love and passion for animals even one of my dream jobs is to work at a zoo with animals. They are God's creatures after all!

Before I got a fish I did some research of course so I could know how to take care of him. Turns out Betta fish are really interactive and curious fish. They can eventually recognize their owners and their voice. They are also pretty intelligent fish and can learn games. I read you can use dry erase markers and draw on their tank I did that and he loved it and was so curious! He's a cutie for sure. Here are some pics I will share with you of him...

Meet Squirt!


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