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Disability And Tics

If having a disability isn’t hard enough a disability can come with a lot of struggles. Learning challenges, anxiety, tics, health issues etc.

One of the hardest challenges I have is a tic I have had since a child with my nose. It’s like if I don’t do it I can’t breath.  It’s been bugging me more and more lately.

Definition of a tic-“a compulsive receptive sound or movement that’s often difficult to control”.

I also have what’s called “picking skin disorder” where I pick at skin or scabs until I can’t anymore. Anxiety can cause that, too.

Do you have any tics that you might struggle with that comes along with your disability?

It can be very uncomfortable. It can get in the way of your normal routine and can even stop you from doing things like going out with friends.

Recently I have found ways to help deal with it.  This could help with any tic, not just mine.

Tip 1- Go for a walk. Take deep breaths and look at the things around you. Focus on your breathing. Look at what’s around you. Are there birds flying? Is the sun out? 

Tip 2-Use a fidget. I have quite a few fidgets because I always feel the need to have something in my hands to play with. Movement with your hands can also help relax your body.

Tip 3- Listen to relaxing music. I have music that I use from OT (Occupational Therapy) that helps relax me. There is relaxing music on YouTube. Put your earbuds in and just focus on your music.

Tip 4- Weighted blanket. Using a weighted blanket can help a lot. Putting the pressure on your body can feel like a hug and can really help relax your tense body. 

Tip 5- Do you have a pet? Petting a dog or cat can really help relax you the are like therapy animals to us and know when we are stressed or anxious 

I hope these tips are helpful to you. I know the struggle it can be with having tics and anxiety. Comment down below what helps you and it can help others as well!


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