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Getting Through Change

“Change can be scary, it makes you do things that are unforgettable. But this is how you grow”

It hasn’t been totally easy for the girls at HGH the last few months. For there has been quite a few changes. We had our RA leave. That was pretty hard. For now until HGH finds someone who can be the new RA, someone stays with us during the week nights and someone else comes and stays during the weekends.

We went through all the motions of losing an RA.

We made friendships with her. We had happy moments, moments where we laughed until our stomachs hurt, and sad moments and cried and comforted each other.

Those are moments we will always cherish. And we are all like sisters so we encourage each other to go the extra mile.

The week of our RA leaving was difficult. She was moving her stuff out and we had our dog Ryder be gone for the week so he wouldn’t get confused as to why she was moving out. But Ryder helps me with my anxiety so that was really hard for me with Ryder being gone too. But found other things to help me with my anxiety.

Us girls don’t like change at our house. Well, for that matter. No one likes change. Change can be scary, frustrating, confusing, tiring, and can give you lots of anxiety. But we gotta remember that God is there with us holding our hands and cheering us on. For He has a reason for everything.

LIke the quote I shared above change helps us grow, and challenges us. It’s not easy but it’s worth it in the end. If you are going through a hard time or change, remember to take a deep breath, and keep in mind change and hard times help us grow. And God is right there holding our hand.


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