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My Little Buddy

Squirt was my very first own pet. When I first got him he was a tiny little thing. Still is, he’s smaller then my pinky. 

As time went by, and the more Squirt and I bonded the closer we got. He is a very responsive fish and a curious little guy. He loves it when I sing he usually will come up to the surface and check me out.

Another unique thing about Squirt is he loves to be pet! He will come up to the surface and wait for me to pet him. Since I got him I have been pretty fascinated by Betta fish they are cool and unique fish. I’ve  been loving having a little guy in the corner of my room with me he keeps me company.

                                      He’s been a great travel buddy too

Lately, I have been going to my parents house a lot more because I have been dealing with stomach issues. He has been doing really great traveling. But recently since we last brought him back to my parents house with me, he got sick…

He has what’s called the “white ick disease” 

It’s where white spreads on his tail fins. It has spread a lot more. He’s been laying at the bottom of the tank most days now and is not really eating. I’ve been super stressed and worried about him. I’ve been praying for him and just want him to make it. He’s my little buddy and I’ve only had him for a year. 

Tonight my heart is heavy and my heart is sad. Because it’s not just losing a pet I’m going through I have been sick myself. I am kind of frustrated with God right now and don’t understand why this is happening. But we have to put our trust in God. 

                When I first got him January 13 2023

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, little Squirt"


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