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Once Upon A Time... Your Choice To Live Happily Ever After

Do you know the movie shrek? You have to know this movie, it’s the best fairytale romance movie out there. Let me tell you a little bit about the love story with Shrek and Fiona.

Shrek was sent by Lord Farquaad to save Fiona from the tower. Shrek and his pal Donkey go on the quest to save the princess. After they save the Princess, Shrek and Princess Fiona get to know each other and fall in love on the way to the King's castle. Fiona has a secret that Shrek doesn't know until later on. Afterwards when Shrek knows that Fiona turns into an Ogre Shrek loves her for who she is. In the end Princess Fiona chooses to stay an Ogre in which I feel like she chooses to be who she was really created to be and she is happiest that way.

She is not happy when she is with Lord Farquaad because she knows she can't be truly happy with him. So she choses her true self and Shrek.

Fiona could have had it all if she chose Lord Farquaad. She could've been the Queen. She could have lived in a beautiful castle. Have everyone love her for her beauty. But that's not what she chose

Just like what Fiona did choosing herself and choosing what made her the happiest being an Ogre and being with Shrek is what brought out her best self.

The same goes for us. If we choose God’s path and will for our lives and choose to become who God created us to be, we will be the happiest. I just learned this lesson. Our relationship with God is kind of like a fairytale but a true fairytale. We accept God into our lives and have our hope in Heaven. Heaven is a wonderful place full of happiness and the love of God. We have God with us everyday the “Holy Spirit” that leads and guides us to where He wants us to be.

I am choosing my happily ever after... are you with me?


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