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The Struggle With Saving Money With A Disability

Have you all your life had a hard time saving money? When you get a pay check do you feel like you have to spend it right away? You feel like there are so many things you want but in reality you have everything you need. This has been my struggle all my life.

When you have a hard time managing money like I do money can run out really quickly and it can become very stressful. Sometimes I have to go through whole weekends not having any money. Well since last night something happened and have had my fill with it and I really want to try and I desperately want to get better at saving money. One of my biggest ways my money runs out quickly is I like to get grubhub because I don't always have someone to bring me to get coffee or a drink from somewhere. Because I feel like I need to. But then just like that half of my money's gone!

Have you ever seen the movie called "Confessions of a Shopaholic?" well that is one of my favorite movies. It's about a woman who obviously is obsessed with shopping but then eventually has a huge debt she has to pay. But tries to hide it and continues with her shopping.

It's a good and funny movie. If you have the time you should watch it. Highly recommend it!

Maybe some of the ways we can save money and have a better life because we won't run out of money is maybe...

We could journal about how much we want to spend this week and how much we want to save

We could get a bank account and put the money that we don't want spend and save it that way

Or if we only spend a decent amount of money during the week and if we reach our goal to how much we want to spend that week maybe we could reward ourselves with our favorite drink at the end of the week or get our nails done

It is more worth it to save money then spend it because 1 we will be happier and 2 it won't cause us so much stress and it will show we are more independent and responsible and people (Our mom) will trust us with our money more!


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